Looking Forward

We will be communicating directly brain to brain?

Alumnus Stephen Hirsch, Head of strategy and corporate development, Stadtwerke Solingen, Graduated 2010, MBA

I think that looking ahead just 3 years, topics such as digitization, internet of things and, of course, the challenges arising from the demographic challenge will have a major impact on all businesses. The ability to handle those issues fast and efficiently will result in direct competitive advantage.

Whereas 70 years from now, traffic will be 10 meters above the streets, everything will be automised. People will communicate directly from brain-to-brain without saying a single word and Love can be consumed as a medicine for rainy days.

As a German student at Henley Business school it was always great to visit the campus and get a touch of the Henley 'look and feel'. My experience with the Henley Staff in the UK was always very positive and they show a kind of Henley sense of mission.

How will future business challenges impact your organisation?

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