Looking Forward

Rainer Packe-Wirth, 2006 graduate, predicts how Henley Business School will change

Project Leader; BASF Construction Solutions GmbH, Graduated 2006, The Henley MBA

Looking forward….

In 30 years’ time I would like to see Henley Business School always being one step ahead. Thinking the unthinkable and preparing for it Looking ahead, in three years’ time globalisation and the internet will impact not only business management but also personal management. I believe these are the main drivers that will shape the future and we're just beginning to grasp the impact they have on companies and societies.

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We can expect that in the year 2085, 70 years on from now, the individual will be more powerful and more community focused with more cooperative like companies.

How will Henley Business School look in 30 years time?

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