Looking Forward

Alumnus Peter Kearns explores the challenges that companies can expect to face in the next three years

Graduated 2013, Influencing impact

Looking forward….

Looking ahead three years we can expect change to be the biggest challenge that will face businesses. A large portion of senior, experienced and very knowledgeable public sector wide people will retire in the next 5 to 10 years and there is a skills shortage in replacing that massive gap. In 70 years’ time we may become too reliant on technology rather than experienced people leading on innovative solutions - also the art of conversation in business will drastically change.

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It is difficult to predict what Henley Business School will be like in 30 years’ time, however if Henley Business School could prime business leaders both in the public and private sectors to take up the challenge to plan ahead for building professional workforces; to future proof the skills shortage at senior level would be well worth the investment

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