Looking Forward
Francesca Rennix

Francesca Rennix shares her predictions for the future

Francesca Rennix - MBA Finance and Marketing 1993 MP19

My future predictions

Further globalisation, speedier communications, private air travel, population spending equal leisure and work time as longevity increases, challenge to find economic and productive opportunities for those well enough to contribute to support the young.

Rise in nationalism and threat to political and economic instability requiring personal need for economic security in some form.

Healthcare at point of disease outbreak to be deployed faster as travel increases due to merging of organisations globally.

Challenge to global natural resources and global warming requiring new thinking in protecting civilisation.

Need for Global power to support NATO or equivalent for these issues.

Further space exploration to planets outside solar system to look for more resources.

Equal number of people working from home as in offices due to improved technology advances and decline in social face to face interactions as a result, requiring social hubs to be created for society to stay connected.

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