Looking Forward

Predictions from Alumnus Erika Harley, Vice Divisional General Manager: Corporate Toyota Tsusho Africa (Pty) Ltd.

2014 Graduate, The Henley MBA

Looking ahead just 3 years, name one of the biggest changes and challenges you think business in your part of the world will face.

With the increase in purchasing power across the African continent, business will need to become more transparent and the ability to respond fast and be flexible will determine who will get the biggest part of the market.

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Now look ahead 30 years; how you would like Henley Business School to look aged 100?

Ensuring flexibility as part of the learning experience whilst maintaining high academic standards coupled with rich and relevant business exposure.

We're now in the year 2085, 70 years from now, name one way in which the world will have changed

Africa will house one of the biggest economies in the world.

How will future business challenges impact your organisation?

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