Looking Forward

Anthony Knight, alumnus and faculty member shares his predictions

Director of Studies, Senior Tutor from 1985 to 1997

My fondest memory of my time at Henley was taking over the role of Director of Studies of the General Management Course that I had been a Member of some years before, on Session 73 in 1971. One other special memory was the time that a key lecturer withdrew at very short notice, leaving a colleague and me to design, prepare and deliver a whole chunk of the course ourselves. We succeeded well enough to do it ourselves thereafter!

Looking ahead just 3 years, name one of the biggest changes and challenges you think business in your part of the world will face.
The move towards international on-line business activities in all commercial areas.

Now look ahead 30 years; how you would like Henley Business School to look aged 100?
I would like it to be back in the business of "total immersion" senior management programmes, not entry-level qualification programmes. However, the world economy would have to support such expensive training for key executives.

We’re now in the year 2085, 70 years from now, name one way in which the world will have changed.
Nuclear Fusion reactors will be only 10 years away!

The Course Secretaries had the greatest impact on my time at Henley; they were totally unflappable, endlessly patient and extremely capable.

Anthony Knight, Director of Studies,

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