Looking Forward

Alumnus, Stuart Hall, graduated in 2011 with an MA in Applied Management, shares his predictions with us

Looking forward

Looking forward 3 to 5 years, what do you think will be the biggest challenges facing businesses?

Over the next 3 – 5 years social media will become more challenging, so will recruiting the right staff and maintaining staff. I would also say ‘fraud’ will become a major focus – when for example companies like ‘Car Phone Warehouse’ are hacked and personal details are at risk…

Now look ahead 30 years; how you would like Henley Business School to look aged 100?

I would like to see the School helping the smaller entrepreneur rather than just pushing out future ‘executives’ for the corporate world.

We’re now in the year 2085, 70 years from now, name one way in which the world will have changed?

Transport and energy

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