Looking Forward

Alumnus Øystein Haaland looks into the way in which our world will change

We will seek living areas outside this planet.....

Øystein Haaland

Global Business Development Executive IBM, Graduated 2005, MBA

Looking ahead just 3 years, name one of the biggest changes and challenges you think business in your part of the world will face.

We will start using technology to become more productive, less costly and overall "smarter". This will in turn, create opportunities for new jobs and business models.

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Now look ahead 30 years; how you would like Henley Business School to look aged 100?

I would like to see Henley Business School famous for its technology and underpinned cognitive capabilities, i.e. being able to educate students in more than "theory" but how to exploit the "grid" in whatever dimension there is.

We're now in the year 2085, 70 years from now, name one way in which the world will have changed

Technology will aid in achieving a vast decrease in number of HSE incidents and improve production of food. Collaboration will be a normal part of our daily life, embedded as opposed to sought for. 500-700 cities will hold around 75% of the world's population and we will seek living areas outside this planet.....

How will the world have changed in 70 years?

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