Trudi Elliot speaks about The Royal Town Planning Institute's partnership with Henley Business School

Trudi Elliot, Chief Executive, The Royal Town Planning Institute

Where do you think Henley has added the greatest value to your organisation?

The RTPI has benefitted from the past and present research capacity and the mark that Henley graduates make in the planning and development world. Seconding us a Director for 2 years. Henley is currently undertaking research for us on neighbourhood planning and the localism agenda.

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What are the things that impress you about Henley Business School and how it performs?

Research quality, contribution to the discipline and the profession, calibre of Henley Business School graduates. Henley runs an efficient ship such as timely responses, clear paperwork etc. all of which makes Henley a good partner to work with.

Could you sum up Henley in a sentence?

High calibre academic quality focused on real world delivery.

Can you share with us any ideas being considered for developing the working relationship? What innovations could be on the horizon?

Developing executive education for Built Environment professionals and drawing on the unique composition that Henley as a whole possesses. We would like to collaborate ideas on how to attract more students into the built environment.

Looking ahead just 7 years, name one of the biggest changes and challenges you think might face business?

Global volatility in all senses; markets ,finance ,people movements ,politics ,weather. The shortage of housing will become a global challenge.

Now look ahead 17 years, and name one of the biggest changes and challenges facing business education.

Many RTPI members are business people - they run or work for private sector companies. The challenge is to ensure that education remains high quality and relevant

We’re now in the year 2085, 70 years from now, name one way in which the world will have changed

The opportunities that climate change presents for greener living have been taken. Water will be the most valuable of assets. Demographic change will have been profound.

The values that RTPI and Henley share are striving for sustainable development, a focus on high quality, interdisciplinary education and enhancing collaboration between academia, the profession and indeed wider society

Trudi Elliot, Chief Executive, The Royal Town Planning Institute

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