Peter McManners

The Henley MBA, providing new horizons and new challenges

Peter McManners - The Henley MBA

Like many Henley alumni, my MBA came at a career junction. My first career in the military had been inspiring, ranging from fighting with airborne forces in the Falkland’s War through a number of postings around the world and finally head of operations for the Defence Geographic and Imagery Agency.

As a lieutenant colonel in my late 30s, I wanted new horizons and new challenges. The MBA opened up new avenues launching me into senior management roles outside the defence sector including involvement in incubating technology companies and more recently to developing a strategic approach to the challenges of sustainability.

On my MBA in 2000, bottom-line performance and increasing shareholder value were presented as the prime metrics of success. 15 years on, I am glad to see Henley starting to embrace a wider vision of the purpose of the corporation.

It has always been fundamental to good business management that responsibility should underlie every business decision but business schools have been complicit in allowing this truth to be submerged. No person is perfect, of course, and there will be irresponsible managers and selfish leaders, but the MBA should put the expectation of responsibility centre stage.

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