Peter Fewell shares his memories of his experience at Henley Business School in 1971

My journey...

In 1958, I joined Mining House Union Corporation, and emigrated to South Africa.

In 1969 I was appointed Manager of a Tin Mine in Cornwall and so emigrated to England together with my wife Dot and three daughters. The mine had been reopened and was a joint venture with investors from England and U.S.A.

In 1970 I was recalled to S.A. I had discovered Henley Business School, applied to study a course and was accepted.

My Memories from Session 72...

The syndicate based on your areas of ignorance. Three months of meeting; a significant group of persons from many diverse companies, groups; professions; careers.

South Africa as seen by sectors of the world and their views on apartheid.

The pros and cons of the Common Market!

The size of the Computer room! with an ENIGMA machine taking up most of the ground space.

The ‘economics' of Concorde, still under test and construction at Filton. A chosen few visited the aircraft.

Reading, studying, books; magazines and writing précis and reports long hand.

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