The Henley Challenge Competition, encouraging the use of knowledge, skill and creativity

The Henley Challenge stretched me to research more and apply knowledge gained through my business school curriculum. Just do it! It's good fun! ...The Henley Challenge brought me closer to my cohort, I really valued their support and this has built stronger relationships

Abhishek Mandal, 2014 winner


The Henley Challenge is a competition open to all students across Henley Business School, who are studying in the UK. It encourages the use of knowledge, skill and creativity, and can be entered by individuals or teams of up to five people.

At Henley we encourage all students to become “empowered and engaged" learners. The Henley Challenge is a great platform that invites students to test the boundaries of management and business as well as develop a wide range of transferable skills that are highly valued in the job market. Taking part in the Challenge will help students develop their ability to analyse issues, their communication and critical reasoning skills, and their strengths in putting forward ideas.

Naeema Pasha, Head of Henley Careers

Henley Challenge 2015, "Short-termism: should we kick the habit?”

Following an evening of diverse and fantastic presentations from finalists, Dina Ghanma, a BSc Finance & Investment Banking student, was crowned the winner of The Henley Challenge 2015 and was presented with a cheque for £1,000 to share with her chosen charity*.

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The event saw finalists presenting views from perspectives including real estate and planning, finance, and information systems. Competition winner, Dina compared short-termism to “hitting the snooze button on your morning alarm” but suggested that short-term demand for information does help in bringing problems to the forefront, for example in the Tesco accounting scandal. Dina believes that it is the most influential investors, pension and mutual funds, who should set an example for others to follow suit.

*£1000 will be shared between the winner (£250) and her chosen charity (£750)

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