Henley Business School alumnus Stuart Hall shares his experience

Graduated 2011, MA Applied Management

Stuart was a musician for eight years in the British army before he began a career in the corporate sector working for companies including ADP and IBM. He is now CEO of his own multimillion pound company employing 46 staff. He has laid the foundations for financial security when he sold off part of the business to a US company. He speaks regularly at conferences and his opinions are now in demand from the leading industry magazines

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Stuart explains he chose Henley Business School for two main reasons:

Firstly, the faculty I met - they had experience working in business, their teaching wasn't just from books. Secondly I was able to use my own business as a real challenge to complete my degree, so I ended up with ideas and knowledge of immediate and direct use in my business." This led to the set up of a cloud based solution to a very traditional service used by almost every business - payroll. Stuart's company became an award winner for innovation and was then followed by the bigger, longer established players in the industry

Reflecting on the impact of his time at Henley Business School, Stuart commented:

I was pretty good in business when I joined, but I learned how to apply the principles of successful business. I was taught how to look at trends and research, to understand what works best and WHY! I was encouraged to use my instincts while being critical, analysing and introducing a new rigour to my plans and decisions. I was challenged more strongly than any colleague or partner could and pushed to achieve more. It's made me a better businessman and given me the confidence in my abilities so I now strive for more."

Tell us about the fondest memory you have of your time with us.

My fondest memory was sitting in a lecture room with my fellow cohort on the last day, reflecting on all that I had achieved and smiling to myself that the next time I meet my friends we will all be wearing a gown.

Who from Henley would you say had the greatest impact on you?

The greatest impact for me was the tutors who spent time with me listening to ‘my company issues, challenges and successes’. The benefit was they could help me to broaden my eyes and help understand how to plan, review and run a business.

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