Reflections on studying for the Henley DBA from a Henley Business School alumni

Dr Jürgen Dahlhoff, Professor für Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre (Management Studies), Graduated 2008, DBA

Tell us about the fondest memory you have of your time with us.

My Doctoral Studies at Henley after completion of my MBA leaves me with fond memories of Henley. The atmosphere, faculty, peers will stay with me. It was a great time with many visits to Henley. I enjoyed the good blend between theory and practise. I loved case studies (practise part) and ground breaking articles about different management topics (theory).

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Who from Henley would you say had the greatest impact on you – could be faculty, contemporary or other. And why?

Prof. Dr. Roger Mills, a former professor at Henley. He was my first supervisor for my Doctoral Thesis. He encouraged me to keep going especially in difficult times. My Doctoral Degree (DBA) helped me in getting my current professorship.

Looking ahead just 3 years, name one of the biggest changes and challenges you think business in your part of the world will face.

The Americans call it VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). These forces will continue and make it more difficult for (established) businesses to survive.

Now look ahead 30 years, and name how you would like Henley Business School to look at 100.

First of all: Still an excellent place to learn and develop.

Secondly: Adaption. I do not know how people will learn in 30 years but Henley should stay in front line.

Thirdly: Keep the practical approach, e.g. case studies, real world examples etc. This really interesting and moves students.

We're now in the year 2085, 70 years from now, name one way in which the world will have changed

More convenience due to excellent technical progress. We can expect to see household robots, self-driving cars, most retailing via delivery services etc. This will give room (and time) for more self-development whatever this may be for the individual.

We can expect to see household robots, self-driving cars, most retailing via delivery services

​Dr Jürgen Dahlhoff' Professor für Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre (Management Studies)

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