A diverse Henley experience

CHAN, Sui-jeungt - General Management Course, Session 82

My fondest memory

The course ran for about 11 weeks. It was meant for executives in their mid-careers., There were about 80 members from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, from Jamaicans, Iranians, Indians, Malaysians and Nigerians.

The contents of the course covered a variaties, from trade unionism, international studies. statisticts and finance.

What I remembered most was the opportunities of meeting trade union leaders from UK and diplomats from East European countries.

I was also given the opportunity to visit the European Union HQ in Brussels.

But above all, I treasure the interaction with my fellow members and the long lasting friendship I made with some of the fellow members. I still keep in touch with some of them 40 years after the event.

Some of them visited me in Hong Kong and I visited them in UK.

My future predictions

Such short courses are very valuable for those who cannot afford the time to do a formal MBA course. The College should continue running them.

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