Winner of the women's scholarship at Henley Management College in 1982

Jeannie Scriven - General Management Course 107, 1982

My fondest memory

I was one of two women on GMC 107. I had won the women's scholarship at Henley Management College and it was a marvellous opportunity.

Thomas Kempner - the principal - had the most impact on me - I became interested in economics. And one of the members of the course, who worked in the coal industry, gave me tips about banging on the table when I wanted to make a point!

The visit down the coal mine was also mind-boggling. I was scared.

I was also studying for my second Master's degree - MPhil at the University of Bath Management School with a thesis entitled - Problems and Possibilities - Training and Development for University Teachers.

During the GMC 107 we had a special topic and my group's was Biotechnology.

Guess where I now am - Board Member of a small International Biotech Company!

My future predictions

3 years - migration

30 years - intellectually challenging, fun,

2085 -practically paperless

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